Mushrooms are the fungi which grow on dead or rotting trees, rocks, forest floors etc. There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms but very few them are edible and most of them are poisonous in nature. Humans relish the edible variety of mushrooms and learnt the art of cultivating it in a controlled environment. There many varieties that are found in the markets such as the button mushrooms, shiitake, morels, oyster enoki etc. Some are quite expensive as they are found in certain seasons. They are eaten for their unique taste, protein content and adds variety to the normal vegetable and meat menus.


Chaga mushrooms

These are the mushrooms found on the bark of trees and are parasitic in nature with an appearance of burnt charcoal. These are mostly found in Europe, Russia, and Korea etc. These are mostly used for medicinal purposes.

Chaga in folk medicine

This mushroom has not been under clinical trials to prove that it can cure some of the diseases that it mentions to cure by the people who use it locally. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

How chaga is brewed

It is collected and finely grated and brewed just like a coffee or tea looking brew. Mushrooms have their bioactive components in chitin cells which are not digestible by humans as we don’t have the enzyme chitinase, hence it has to be cooked so that the human body can assimilate their benefits which cannot be so if consumed in raw state.

The extraction process of chaga for medicine

There are three types of extraction processes –

The boiling method is the cheapest and fastest. This has to be done under high pressure otherwise some of the water soluble components which are beneficial are lost. In pharmaceutical labs it is done by alcohol precipitation process to extract the desired components.

By ethanol and methanol extraction process is usually employed after the boiling process as the ethanol alone cannot break down the chitin cell walls.

The fermentation process is a long and tedious process, hence very expensive of the three methods employed for extraction. Different kinds of bacteria are used to break down the mushrooms but we may not get standardized results every time as the breakdown may vary and fermentation depends on controlled climates and the kind of bacteria used, the number of days fermented etc. Visit to know more.

Health benefits of chaga mushroom

It has become the latest health fad and considered a super food among the up and elite who can afford to get it onto their plate. It is supposedly an immune boosting and anti oxidant.

It has said to have shooting properties and said to relieve irritation and pain in the body. The ulcers and gastric problems are said to be cured with the help of chaga.

It has been observed that it helped normalize blood pressure and also cholesterol levels in the body. It has also anti microbial and anti viral properties which are making it very popular in today time of many infections caused by microbes.